mark came to me after a period of injuries that effected him mentally.

The skills check revealed an accomplished rider who possessed a perfect “push”, only the 2nd time I’d seen it since Stuey Powell a few months back.

It was clear that the barriers in jumps and drops were psychological ones not physical.

I made a few set up changes and brought us to the drop sections where mark used his perfect push to land perfectly.

After the drops, we moved onto the skills trail. I began working on linking the 14 sections on the trail together that were present on the trail.

Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked with rock gardens, steps, jumps drops and were linked together harnessing the trails energy using pumping.

I worked hard on linking drops into corners before we rode the entire trail end to end. with each run it was clear that mark was more fluid than ever before and his mental skills were blossoming too.

we left the trail and even though it was blowing a gale we worked on jumping the tabletop.

To Marks surprise, he was clearing it only after a couple of minutes of coaching and I could hear the giggle rise up from within him and ring out.

After a few runs and clears, The wind had turned and that brought our session to a close after over 4 hours.

Great session Mark.