Dom and Andy came to me wanting to develop their flow in their riding and corner better. They never thought he day would pan out as it did.
On meeting them I ran them through my skills check and found some good habits and also some gaps in their skill sets. Neither knew how to get the front wheel off the ground properly and were stunned at how easy it was once I made a few set up changes and gave them looking and footwork to add to their skill sets.
Once the push to unweight was happening, we moved on to the drop technique and applied it there. Almost straight away both were landing perfectly and I worked on their mental skill sets too and gave them a framework to ride by.
Once onto the skills trail, I broke the trail into quarters and worked on the sections contained within each before moving down the trail and adding the next quarter. We worked on flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners. Also steps, rocks, fly outs and drops into corners too. Gradually each section was linked with their correct braking zones and the flow began to really happen!
Then we rode the entire trail a few times and all the sections were linked beautifully and the smiles said it all.
Both Dom and Andy were buzzing but as light was beginning to fade, I moved onto the jump technique and taught them how to jump and to apply their push in that context. Seeing them take off with ease was a delight to see as always. fading light brought an end to the session.
High5 guys!