Duncan had been on a mountain bike coaching session before, and returned today to perfect his skills. So straight away I took him to the pump and jump trail. Here I could see what skills he had in place, through cornering and unweighting, and I could see he had been putting to practice what we had shown him. We spent the first half of the session here. We first worked on adding style whilst in the air when he jumped, and the. Used the whole trail and worked on pumping, jumping and manualing. He was soon choosing what sections to pump, jump or manual in order to ride the trail with flow, and was also adding his tweak to the sections he chose to jump.

After lunch, we moved onto the tabletop. Here I worked on adjusting the effort he put in to the speed he approached. He entered at a variety of different speeds, and was able to adjust his effort to land perfectly on the down slope.

I wanted to show him a larger gap jump, and he rode this with ease, styling it out first go, so I demonstrated the larger gap jump next to it. He had slight trepidation at first, bur after a run up, understood the entry and speed needed, and flew over the gap.

We moved to the quarry, were we touched on some of the steeper terrain which he had previously ridden, and the chute drop, which physically is very simple, but mentally is a lot more difficult for people. He was able to answer his mental questions and soon rode of this, landing perfectly, commenting on how in control it felt.

Nice one Duncan!

Nath (@ukbikenath)