Duncan has been on my coaching session before and this time he brought his crew. I began with my skills check , where I identified the missing skills and the already present ones and I set to work on them all.
Drops were first, In no time at all , all 6 of them were landing perfectly on all 3 of the drops at different speeds and they all demonstrated control.
We then moved onto the trail where I worked with them on linking sections on a trail together and we worked on the 14 sections contained within.
We worked on jumps, linking corners into drops, steps, rocks, pumping , flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns.
Each was linked by the correct braking area and the flow of the trail was beginning to be harnessed.

We worked our way along the trail before having a few runs down the entire trail and the trails energy was being used more than the riders. Each run was more fluid than the last.
Finally, we moved on to the tabletop and gap jump.
I controlled the riders speed as they focused on the remaining skills and everyone cleared the tabletop with ease. some even used their mental skill set to ride the gap jump too.
great session.