Si, Dickie and Neil made the journey from Eastbourne and on arrival we chilled out with a coffee before starting with my skills check. I found looking, body and footwork skills were missing and I made a critical set up change for them too.
 To their surprise, we began with drops and I worked on their mental skills there too. It didn’t take them long to ride all 3 drops up to 3ft high with ease. I moved to the skills trail and broke the trail in half before lunch and then added the 2nd half after lunch. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pumping, jumps, steps, rocks and drops. When riding the complete trail , every run was faster and smoother and every error was now self diagnosed too!
 On to riding steeper sections and they were soon riding down stuff they thought impossible after a few demonstrations from myself. They used their mental skills to decide what to ride too as they improved so did their overall confidence.
Now it was time to move them to the one thing they thought they’d never be able to do, jump a 6ft tabletop and land on the transition. I worked hard on their individual skills sets and gradually they could feel it all click together and one by one they sailed over it in amazement and absolute control. Run after run was the same and they were buzzing but tiring.
 For my last application of the skills sets, we moved to another trail to link the learning from the session all together and they began to choose whether to jump or pump sections of a trail and rail around the berm at the end. What a session guys and I loved every minute being in your company.