Ed and Tom found their way to me through their other sport, windsurfing.
On meeting them I began working on installing the skill set after finding out what they were missing and also what good habits they already had.
Drops were first on the menu and here they applied their new skill set and sailed off all 3 drops smoothly.

I then moved them onto the trail and we began working on pumping and linking the 14 sections on the trail together with the correct braking zones. Methodically, we moved down the trail ading the next section to the previous ones and the lads got smoother and faster as a result.
I worked on linking drops into corners too before riding the entire trail end to end a few times.
They linked drops, steps and flyouts to flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns. Even riding the rock garden too.
Both Ed and Tom were really flying down the trail and the smiles were testament to this.
Finally, I began work on jumping tabletops.
In no time at all both were sailing over the jump and landing perfectly, something they had never done before today.

Their footwork and looking really emphasized their push and with commitment and confidence they then rode the gap jump side too!
The session came to and end with a cold beer.
Great session!