Emma and Peter came to see myself for a session 2 years ago and in that time they have built a house and got married and they felt it was time to return to polish their skills set and today was the day.
I could see that I needed to work on body positioning in Peters left turns and also Emma’s mental skills set too as we uncovered an area to work on when faced with changed in gradient.
We warmed up on the drops before moving to a trail to work on riding steep terrain and linking sections on a trail that are faster and harder to control and soon they were getting to grips with it and riding down near vertical drop offs with greater control than ever.
 We took a break and resumed with pumping and/or jumping sections on a trail as well as carrying speed through 2 berms that linked. Any errors were being self diagnosed and I could see that Emma had worked on her trail speed management when linking the sections together.
We moved to the alpine style switchbacks and here is where the peripheral fear in Emma appeared and we set about ways to overcome this. Nathan took time out of his trail building to give a watchful eye on proceedings and nodded in approval at their improvents before carrying on with his work.
 We moved to an isolated 6ft tabletop to work on speed and effort and the required body positioning and soon they were jumping easier and higher than our last session as they had moved on from there. They both rode the gap jump too with confidence and commitment. As the sun dropped , our session ended just as Nathan returned nd it was high5’s all around to celebrate a cracking session.

Tony. @ukbikeskills

Nathan @Ukbike_nath