Emma contacted me and said she had ridden off road maybe three times and wanted to learn the basics.
We met as arranged and On putting her through the skills check I discovered that Emma naturally pushed the bike away and had the beginnings of the front wheel un weighting technique. Emma now needed to realise this and in doing so her mental skills began to grow.
Confidence blossomed very quickly as we went through the pumping technique as Emma rhythmically pumped and flowed down the section. On leaving the trail we see how far we can go and Emma got furthest of all my lady clients and into the top 10-12 of all my clients at the technique.
Things were really coming together.
Steep descents are a very common fear for riders and this was the case for Emma. We gradually worked up to fully descending a section by working up from the bottom and soon Emma was riding the whole length of it showing confidence and commitment.
We now moved on to the drop technique and worked up to a 1ft drop gradually and Emma’s natural ability to un weight the front was really flourishing as she began landing 2 wheels together.
Now i moved onto a trail where we worked on cornering and linking sections together using the correct barking zones. looking and footwork were really worked on here and soon the speed of the trail was being harnessed and used by Emma. All sections were flowed through confidently and as mental fatigue began to show we headed back to the car park but not before riding down one last length of single track. Emma really shone in her new abilties and confidence n her new skills and we ended our session.
I can’t wait for the on going feedback on her riding.

high5 Emma!