Emma has little mtb experience and wanted to get things right from the ground up, quite literally.
I made set up changes and began working on her missing skills after the skills check. The skills check un covered a natural habit that I knew would serve Emma well later in the session.
This habit was bogged down by footwork and looking skills missing and once corrected we moved to the drops and she began to fly!
I worked hard on braking technique and her habit of braking on landing but we got there and Emma flew off the 2 of the 3 drops confidently and with great commitment.
I then used 3 quarters of the skills trail and starting at the top we applied pumping and unweighting. Flat, bermed and switchback corners were linked to rock gardens, fly outs and drops. Emma’s new looking and body position in corners really mixed well with her already natural footwork and she began to really flow smooth and faster through turns, even the occasional mistake was backed up by her telling me what she did wrong which was awesome.
Finally, I moved us onto the pumping trail and Emma’s natural push was used here too and in no time at all she was pumping so well that she was getting air over a table top on that trail.
I really am looking forward to Emma’s riding updates!
Great session.