Chris had loads of riding experiences and on putting him through the skills check I found that he always rode one skill down in terms of the skill set and that he had a great push to unweight the front end that he hadn’t even realized.
Once I had began correcting the missing skill and polishing the push technique we moved onto pumping and the dis connected bunny hop. Both of these techniques were worked on and using the 4 physical skills areas of improvement were identified and corrected.
From there we moved onto the drop technique and worked on using the push in a different context and soon confidence was growing.
It came time to move onto a trail and we worked on the sections contained within and gradually linked those together. Corners, drops, roll downs and over lapping sections were worked on and line and braking zones were identified and used correctly. the top 6 sections were ridden 25% faster than when we started and for such a short trail that was outstanding. We then rode the trail end to end and flow and control replaced the hurried braking and pedaling from before.
Awesome session.