October 29, 2009 Tony Doyle

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  1. Thanks to Tony & Tim, a really good session.
    Learnt a lot in easy manageable chunks. Looking forward to another session once I have all these techniques dialed.

  2. big thank you to Tony and Tim for a great day.

    They created a great atmosphere that made learning the skills easy. As the least skilled and the only ht rider (rest on am bikes) i was nervous but they made me feel at ease and helped me through the harder bits. They were always available to ask questions and constantly giving feedback, encouragement and their attention to detail was fantastic.

    The preperation they both put in was appreciated, they’d been up two days before preparing the run and the way the day progressed it was obvious how much work and thought they’d put in.

    will definately be booking again for a 121 and highly recommend ukbikeskills to anyone.

    still grinning 2 days later and with a lot more knowledge.

    cheers, chris 😀

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