Hannah, Jude, Zee, Cathy and Fiona turned up as arranged and we began with the skills check and set up.
I made them comfortable with the unweighting of the front wheel before moving onto the drops to apply the same technique and to also work on the mental skills. It didnt take them long to all get airtime and use their mental skills to decide whether to ride the highest or not.
From there we worked on the mental aspect in riding rock gardens and soon began work on cornering too. Their looking, body position and footwork were all applied to make everything more controlled and the improvements were already evident.
We took a welcome coffee break and then resumed with breaking down the technique for riding over logs and fallen trees. This took a while to break down for them and for myself to tell them all in differing ways so they understood but soon they were unwieghting and absorbing correctly and the technique worked.
Not done there, we moved onto another trail to work on gaining speed on sections of a trail using pumping and absorbing but also the beginnings of jumping too. They carried speed through not only one berm but later on they linked another into trail too. As light faded as did their energy both mentally and physically and our session came to a close with smiles all round.
Amazing session and a great end to the weeks coaching activities.