Evan, John, Duncan and Geoff turned up as arranged wanting to work on cornering and jumping to prepare for their trip to bike park wales and beyond.
The skills check and set up we began with showed me they needed to work on body positioning, footwork and looking so I set to work.
 The drop technique was first up and it wasn’t long before they were all riding the 3 drops and I was even able to get them to begin to style it too. From there we moved to the skills trail and over the next couple of hours, we worked on linking the 14 sections of the trail together using both mental and physical skills sets. We broke the trail down and worked on each section individually before working on control areas to increase their fluidity. They we soon railing the turns and pumping, riding jumps, drops and rock gardens too and getting so much faster as their control increased.
 We worked on riding steep stuff as well as 2 different ways of riding a near vertical drop off and after I demonstrated both ways they followed suit and were blown away at how simple that it felt.
Now it was time to work on jumping . I used the 6ft tabletop and demonstrated as always and then they were all clearing the 6ft tabletop with ease and then they all rode the gap jump side a few times too, even styling it at times.
 We moved to the pump and jump trail to link all techniques together and choose to jump , pump and even manual sections of the trail. It was so cool to watch them rail through 2 linked berms and one by one clear the 7ft ladder gap jump at the end of the trail too!!
5hrs since we began and they were riding way more confidently and controlled than ever and they all recognized mental tiredness too without needing to be told. An awesome session came to an end with a tour of the woodwork in the springtime sunshine.