I first coached Farah back in October last year and I was excited at the prospect of seeing her improvements. During the skills check I could see that the last sessions coaching had embedded well so I began pushing her mental skills. After pumping and un weighting we moved onto the drop technique and slowly Farah became comfortable with the section and her confidence shone through. After a few runs at various speeds we moved onto the jump technique where I isolated the skills once more and built from there to the required result.
I then took Farah to the coached trail and began working on more advanced cornering than last time and Farah felt more controlled as she made use of more edge grip by using her body more on the bike. we worked on over lapping sections and also linking sections together. each was lapped up, as were the drop sections at the end of the trail. After a few complete runs we moved to another trail and worked on tighter, more loose corners . Soon after Farah became very tired and we ended the session at the right point.
Awesome progress Farah and I can’t wait to see the next few months advances.