Colin and his Son Henry returned to day for their 4th session in as many years. I wanted to work on their mental skills and help move their riding on . We began with riding berms and pumping before moving to jumping tabletops. I worked hard on both of their positioning during this technique as well as the mental side. Starting on a 15ft tabletop first so get used to landing on the top and later to a smaller 6ft tabletop and the gap jump next to it, which Henry had never ridden previously but Colin had. Soon they both were riding the gap jump perfectly and Henry was able to develop his style in the air too. From there we moved to the woodwork to work on the mental aspect of raised trails as they ride at trail centers that have such features. Soon they were even riding the drop at the end of the section too. We took a break and resumed with pumping, jumping and manuals along the trail that contained the 2 linked berms from earlier in the session. They were flowing nicely but an old knee injury was affecting Dad and the manual technique escaped him for now but Henry got it dialed. They were choosing which technique to use as they rode down the trail and by the end of the session, Henry was riding the 7ft ladder gap follwed by the 9ft gap jump at the end of the trail.
Amazing riding guys.