Gary had a session with myself in January and wanted to return with his son George as they are preparing for the mega avalanche later in the year. The skills check showed me that Dad had passed on some good habits to george and I needed to work on body positioning further and looking.
The drop technique was first and we quickly moved through to jumping 6ft tabletops and gaps. I began showing George why the skills sets make styling it easier too and that he grabbed hold of and loved it.
Cornering in berms was next and they were railing through 2 berms nicely and then BOOM! both rode the 7ft ladder gap after them. Gary was stunned and George loved watching dad sailing across it.
We took a coffee break and resumed with working on linking drops into corners before moving to the quarry to work on steep drop offs and various ways of riding down them before then moving to the alpine switchbacks to link cornering and steep terrain techniques together. They were buzzing as they rode them and they felt easy too.
We moved to another trail to work on linking all the techniques covered on a faster trail and even work on style and moving the bike in the air. It was awesome seeing them both flying along the trail with big grins on their faces.
We ended the session on the pump and jump trail as they pumped, jumped and cornered by choice.
Amazing session and what a buzz to have witnessed the improvements