Al, Jamie, Rob, Mike, mark, Andy and Frederic turned up as arranged for the public skills session.

On arrival I ran them all through the skills check that applies to jumps and drops and made set up changes as always. We began on with the drop technique and in no time at all the lads were using their new physical and mental skill sets to easily ride the drops.

I got them following each other to replicate normal trail conditions too before moving onto linking drops into corners. I gave them the cornering basics and worked on the effect that line choice has and then they were all riding those sections too.

We then moved onto a fly out jump and i demonstrated why the skills set applies to getting air on upslopes and after some footwork, looking and body positioning adjustments they all got some airtime!

We then moved onto the 6ft tabletop and the gap jump and then repeated the exact same thing and soon they were once again getting air.

They used their mental skills to decide whether to ride the gap jump or not too

For the last part of the session I worked on pumping sections to gain enough speed to jump other sections too .

The concentration of the session and the physical aspect really began to show on the riders and soon after our session ended.
Awesome riding guys!