Andrew and Steve arrived as arranged for their mountain bike coaching session. I’d coached Andy before and Steve wanted to join him on this one.

They both wanted to work on their mental skills for jumping so I set to work by first correcting their set ups and also their missing physical skills

We began with drops and quickly moved across to jumping a 6ft tabletop followed by the 6ft gap jump side also.From there we moved to pumping and cornering through berms and then jumping once more on a large faced take off jump.

After a coffee break, we resumed with linking gap jumps on a trail and judging speed and effort. Later, we worked on carrying speed through two berms and jumping a 7ft gap jump followed by applying their mental skills yet again and jumping a 9ft gap too.

We finished the session by riding a ladder gap into a bank ride. They were blown away at their improvements and i’m looking forward to seeing them again.



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