I coached Jonathon last year on a public session and he wanted to return to build on the foundation that  was laid.  The skills check showed that looking was high on the missing list and so i set to work. Bunnyhops were first on Jon’s wish list and that was covered and was easier than Jon had imagined.

The familiar drops from his first session was next and soon we were riding the 6ft tabletop and gap jump. I was able to show Jon why his skill set allowed him to move the bike in the air and bit by bit he explored this possibility.

After lunch we resumed with cornering and carrying speed through three berms and over a large faced jump.

I footwork correction enhanced his control and it wasn’t long before he was riding the whole pump and jump trail and choosing when and why to jump or pump.

Next up was a 9ft gap jump as Jon wanted to develop his jumping from the 6ft jump he did last session. Not only was that ridden but also a 7ft gap jump that came before it.

Our session ended on a gap jump line which saw Jon linking four gap jumps in a line and judging effort for distance needed.

Awesome progression session.



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