Malc made his way to me from worthing and over a coffee we chatted about his time as a GB athlete and American footballer etc and I explained that I could use such experience to develop his riding which he thought was weird.
The skills check revealed looking and body positioning faults and I made the set up changes too which had a profound effect on him.

Malc has never got any airtime before and when I said we will start with the drop technique he was worried, but that soon eased as he landed perfect 1st time and that set the tone for the session. I worked on the 4 mental questions I teach and the joy of riding was returning to malc in from of my eyes.
We moved onto the skills trail and began working on linking all fourteen sections on the trail together. I began with advanced pumping as Malc’s uptake was very fast and he used this free speed to ride the berm and flat corner faster than he ever thought he could. I added in the rock garden, which he said look scary but he soon rode them and linked the following berm and switchback corner in too! Things were really coming on.
I moved to the fly out jump and showed why his new skill set applied to get air on this too and after a couple of runs, he was in the air comfortably and controlled.

I worked on linking his new drop technique to the cornering technique and also line choice and Malc was loving it, linking his largest ever drop into a berm with ease.
We rode the trail end to end and with each run he was smoother and faster than before.
We had a coffee break as he was feeling mentally drained and after Malc called an end to session with a big grin on his face. An awesome session with a cool guy and I can’t wait to hear of his future rides.