I ran Nick through the skills checks, to correct any faults in his riding before moving on to work further on his technique. Body position and footwork where his main areas for improvement, and his looking needed tweaking.

We moved over to the hillside to work on his body positioning by practicing a few corners, without being defined by any trail. I lowered his seat so he could feel how much difference it made to his control over the bike. We then moved onto work on three linked corners, adding speed management and looking into his growing cornering technique.

We moved up to the top of the skills trail, where the corners became tighter and Nick now had to exaggerate his technique to stay connected with the trail. After a few goes he was showing me that he fully understood what I was looking for, and rode through these sections with speed and control.

After lunch, we worked on drops. I explained the mental skills set, and how you should always ask yourself these questions when looking at a section. He had never ridden a drop before, and before long he was flying off the largest one, landing perfectly, and commenting on how easy it felt.

Our session ended on the steeper terrain in the quarry. Despite what he believed the correct body position was, I showed him the truth as to where you should be on the bike. I also wanted him to feel how having a better set up, made keeping the correct body position a lot easier when riding these sections.

Was a pleasure to ride with you today Nick! Keep off that seat!

Nath (@ukbikenath)