Gaz drove down from lincolnshire for todays session, so I started as always with the skills checks. Here I explained the skills needed and their application in trail riding. I found out what skills were missing from his skills set and added them to it. I also made I slight set up change and explained the importance of this. We moved onto the trail after a quick cornering exercise and started linking bermed and flat corners, as well as rock gardens. He used his new cornering technique to ride through the sections comfortably and with more control than before. We moved onto the drops just as Tony had finished using them with his session, and here I gave him a mental skills set and how to use it to stay safe when riding, as well as talking through the mechanics of the riding the drops. He was soon riding of the largest drop and landing perfectly. I then showed him the bottom of the trail linking drops into corners, and next the middle section of the trail, which involves and a fly out and a small step in the trail. He was riding each section well with lots of confidence, and was soon riding the trail top to bottom. After a quick break for lunch, we went over to look at steeps in the quarry. He rode both with ease and commented on how easy it felt. We then linked steeper roll ins to corners and then a fade away kicker. We moved back over to the table top where I controlled his speed and he was soon landing perfectly on the other side of both a 6ft table top and gap jump. We finished our session on the pump and jump trail were he began pumping and gaining speed to jump certain sections.
Great session Gaz!
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)