Jeremy has ridden for years and has vast experience but every so often crashes and hurts himself and has no idea why. This led him to our session where I discovered that he rode with one skill missing all the time and therefore was only one error away from a crash. I worked heavily on this missing physical skill and began working on his mental skills, notably concentration and confidence.
We began with the push to un weight the front wheel before moving onto the dis connected bunny hop, pumping and the drop techniques before going onto the skills trail. Slowly and methodically I worked on the skills sets application within those techniques and confidence began to grow as Jeremy’s riding began to take shape.
We then moved onto the skills trail and it’s 13 sections contained within it. cornering was heavily worked on in all it’s guises, rock sections, take offs, roll downs, drops and linked sections. We worked our way down the trail before riding a few complete runs and Jeremy was so happy with the flow and progress he was feeling in his riding.
Finally, before we stopped Jeremy asked if I could teach him to jump comfortably, using and expanding on the drop technique he sailed through the air perfectly and couldn’t believe how smooth it felt.
A great end to a cool session. High 5 Jeremy!