Neil and Fish turned up as arranged and I found they needed work on looking and body positioning in all areas. A set up change helped everything along and we set off to apply both mental and physical skills to the drop technique first and followed that up with the technique for jumping tabletops.
 Next, we worked on body position in turning and linking 2 berms together by going in slower to come out way faster. We then moved to the top half of the skills trail to work on pumping, rock gardens and linking in different types of corners. Their new skills were paying off straight away and any errors were self diagnosed.

We had a break and then resumed with riding steeper terrain and the required body positioning and they felf way more controlled, even riding a near vertical drop off a few times too.
For our final application of the skills, we moved onto another trail to work on pumping, jumping and manuals on various sections of the trail and linked in the 2 berms from earlier in the session to the line also.
 Our session ended as they were tired mentally.
Awesome end to a great weeks coaching.