Lewis, Danielle , Paul, Duncan and Jamie all wanted to share a session together as they all ride together. The session began with my simple skills check and I found they needed work on their body positioning and looking skills and these had affected their mental skills to we began with cornering.
 We used a grassy hillside to practice the technique i teach before applying it on a trail with three linked berms and the effect was immediate. Danielle said she has never been that fast around a berm or felt in such control. We worked on pumping and sticking the the ground along a trail to gain speed and added this to their cornering.
 After a break for Lewis’s birthday doughnuts, we worked on the drop technique and for the more advanced, how to style it in the air too. It didn’t take long before they were in the air and landing perfectly and in total control. Any errors were all self diagnosed as they now knew why and it was time to work on jumping. I used a 6ft tabletop for this and soon they all got into the air. Duncan and Jamie were riding the gap alongside it and I was able to work on style here too.
We moved back to the trail we started on and now choose when to jump or pump and carried even more speed through berms and some even rode the ladder gap jump.
 Five and a half hours after we started they all said they were happy but too tired to continue and an awesome week of coaching for ukbikeskills came to a close.
Amazing session, high5!