Andy, Kev, Mike, Paul and Rob came up as arranged and a little detour made their arrival a bit late but when they were ready we started with the skills check. I found they needed work on looking, body positioning and footwork and I knew from speaking to them that I had to work on their mental skills too.

 We moved to the drop technique and they applied their new skills and began landing perfectly and easier than ever. From there we moved onto cornering and linking sections on a trail together.
 A short break for coffee followed and then we resumed by working on linking drops into corners vi braking areas and line choice. They were now riding more controlled and faster than before and knowing why too.
Next, we moved to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump where I worked with them on the mental side of the technique as well as the physical. I was even able to show Mike and Paul why the skills sets made style in the air possible .
the last trail we used was the pump and jump trail where we applied the techniques covered and choose which to apply in any section and why and as they gained speed through pumping they were able to choose which sections to jump or absorb. They all carried way more speed out of the final berm than they ever had before.
Over 5 hours after we began, the session ended as they were getting tired and errors were creeping in. I know mental tiredness when I see it and we parted ways with smiles all round. Awesome session guys.