Today started with the skills check. I had to work on all of the conponents within her cornering, and just on her looking within the unweighting technique. We moved onto drops, where i worked both mentally and physically with her until she was riding off of the largest drop, landing perfectly, and commenting on how controlled it felt. We worked on corners next, and i built on what i gave her during the skills check, to produce a perfect cornering technique. We then worked through the whole skills trail, linking both bermed and flat corners, rocks, jumping out of flyouts, and absorbing steps and roll downs. Each run she became faster and alot more comfortable. I showed her steeps next, where she confidently rode them both, using all the correct skills, mainly body position to remain in control the whole time. I taught her to jump further using a jump on the singletrack trail, due to the wind on the table top, i added speed to this gradually, and she began jumping further and further each time. Our session came to an end with her linking this jump with a steeper roll in to an imediate corner.
Great progress today Lou. Work on that looking!
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)