Fran, Amanda and her husband Chris arrived as  arranged for their session. They explained what they were hoping to gain from the session and with that information I built their session. I began with the skills check and found that collectively they needed work on footwork, looking and body positioning and that would then only leave the application of their mental skills.

I demonstrated various techniques in a variety of different sections and context on the trails. The drop technique was first and that really surprised them as it now felt simple. Onto cornering and pumping, something the girls really wanted to improve on and they were all soon flowing nicely through three linked berms using the correct control areas.

After a break we worked on steeper terrain and the mental aspect of such features including a near vertical drop off before moving on to linking drops into corners too. The session was moving along nicely as the heat of the sun beat down upon us, something that was to prove a session stopper later.

Onto jumping tabletops and for Chris, his fear and want of gap jumps. Soon they were all getting airtime on the tabletop and only heat exhaustion stooped Fran from clearing it but Amanda and Chris sailed it. Chris moved to the 6ft tabletop to ride his first ever gap jump but I wasn’t stopping there as he still had a bit more left in him so we ended with him riding the 9ft gap jump a good few times.

Brilliant session of perceived mixed abilities .






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