Royston attended a public jumps and drops session and wanted to further his learning and book this private session. The skills check showed not only the mental skills needed work but also his looking and body position skills too.
 We began with the top half of the skills trail and linked pumping, absorbing and rock gardens to berms, flat and switchback turns. We soon added the bottom half of the trail and worked heavily on cornering techniques and line choice. We linked the drop technique and cornering at the bottom of the trail and soon he was railing the trail top to bottom faster than before.
 We had a break for coffee and resumed on another trail. I began with the end of the trail to work on riding down near vertical drop offs and Royston was stunned at how simple it was compared to his old advice he read. Soon he was riding the whole of that trail and I even worked on moving the bike in the air mid trail and linked all sections on that via braking areas and line choice.
 We moved on yet again to develop his trail management of speed and I worked on pumping and absorbing sections of the trail and carrying speed through two linked berms. I could see he was beginning to tire mentally and a few more runs confirmed it to me. Our session ended after a few runs of the skills trail and we parted our ways and I can’t wait to hear of his future exploits on 2 wheels. Oh and Royston, don’t wreck any more bike bits!