Jackie and Miranda came to me from Scotland after having had coaching from other companies there. On meeting I asked of their aspirations and knew that Jackie was the more experienced but neither had been through my skills check so that made no difference.
I found they had body positioning and looking skills missing in both aspects of the check and I made some dramatic set up changes to their bikes to enhance my corrections.
We moved onto the drop sections and I demonstrated the application of the mental and physical skill set here before they both had a go. Immediately, they began landing perfectly and both remarked on the ease of the technique.
After a while we moved onto the skills trail itself and I worked on linking sections on singletrack together using braking technique and pumping. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to steps, rock gardens, fly out jumps, drops and pump bumps and soon the ladies were riding the entire trail end to end, faster and smoother than ever before.

After a few runs of the trail it was clear they were beginning to tire so I moved onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and once again showed why the skills set applies here too and soon both of them were airborne! Jackie used her mental skills to decide to ride the gap jump side too and the smiles on their faces were a picture to behold.

To end our session I worked some more on pumping sections on the pump and jump trail before mental fatigue showed and our session came to an end to myself giving a riding demonstration of the same skills set I teach in use in my own riding on the high woodwork at herts.
Great session ladies, High5!