Having already coached Tom and Owen, they wanted their dad to have a session too so they bought the session as a gift. On meeting we shared a coffee as always and I chatted about the outline for the session. The skills check revealed the areas that required work and After a couple of set up changes I set to work.
To Paul’s surprise, we began with applying the mental and physical skill sets to the drop technique and straight away he began landing perfectly and the ease of it all took him by surprise.

We moved onto the skills trail and I showed why the skill set applies to pumping the trail and how to use the gained energy rather than the riders to connect to the trail. We used the gained energy to ride the following berm and flat corner, I later added a rock garden and two more berms. Soon, Paul was riding six sections fluidly and faster than ever and I added in a fly out jump and corner with a step on the exit. The fly out jump really took him by surprise as it was for him, the easiest technique of the day as he sailed into the air.
I worked hard on linking drops into corners and the required line choice before it was time to ride the entire trail end to end. each run was fast and controlled and as confidence and commitment grew he began to really fly along but the heat of the day had wore him out and our session came to a close in the spring sunshine.
Awesome session!