Chris and Dean made the trip across from Swindon for their session. The skills check showed me that I needed to work on their looking, body positioning and also their mental skills. We began with the drop technique and even on moving the bike when in the air.  From there we moved onto the skills trail and worked on linking the fourteen sections together. Flat, bermed, off camber and switch back corners were linked to rock gardens, steps, drops, jumps and pumping. I worked hard on line choice and breaking areas. From there we moved to the 6ft table top and gap jump. Soon they were landing perfectly on the table top and then using their mental skills to clear the gap jump, with big smiles on their faces. Next we moved onto riding steeps, we linked steep sections into a corner then a jump. Then moved onto what would be our final trail to work on pumping and jumping and linked two S bend berms together and even rode the 7ft ladder gap which came after it! Amazing session.
High 5!