Chris and his father Simon made the trip over from the isle of Wight and the early start meant they arrived early too, bonus!

I explained the out line of the session and began with my skills check and set up changes. I demonstrated why I adjusted their set ups and the effect was immediate.

I knew I had to work on footwork, looking and body positioning and started with cornering, this hit home straight away and we used their new skills in berms as well as half of the singletrack trail. From there we worked on steeper terrain and a near vertical drop off. I worked on their mental skills so they could choose what to ride or not using a decision rather than balls and I demonstrated various ways of riding such sections. They felt way more control than ever before and the effect blew them away.

WE took a break and then worked on drops and jumping. The drops to 3ft proved no problem where as before they would have but the 6ft tabletop jump surprised them as they both rode not only that but the 6ft gap jump too. I wanted them both to apply their mental skills to decide whether to ride a larger gap jump of 9ft which they did. Chris rode it and Simon couldn’t add up his questions positively so correctly declined.

They were both tired but wanted more so before we ended, I moved them to a gap jump trail to work on that and after a good few runs they both decided they were too tired to continue and a brilliant session came to an end.








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