Kurt hasn’t been riding for that long, so decided the right way to go about things was to come see us for some mountain bike coaching. I first checked where he was at, seeing the what skills where in place within the techniques that we look for, and I corrected them here.

We moved on to work straight away on dropping and jumping. With his new technique he could see why it used to go wrong when he tried, and was happily riding off the largest drop before long, and also clearing the gap jump.

We had a quick break, then got to work on cornering. I used the hillside first to perfect his technique, and then spent the next hour or so using the top section of the skills trail, and the three linked berms. This covered both bermed and flat corners, as well as tighter and not so tight turns, and he now had to think about his looking, and controlling his speed through the sections.

I showed him the 7ft gap jump which followed the second linked berm. After a speed check he sailed over this without worry, so we moved into the quarry to look at some steeper terrain. Each section I showed him was ridden with control, even dropping in sideways at the end, and he understood the importance of maintaining a correct body position.

Nice one Kurt. Think explode!

Nath (@ukbikenath)