I had coached Nick twice previously over the past 2 years and he wanted to return as he couldn’t figure out what he was doing wrong lately as things had started to go wrong. On chatting, Nick explained why he thought he was crashing but I already knew. I knew I would have to pull apart his skills and then re apply them to the techniques I teach. ¬†Once I had corrected his body positioning that left only the mental skills.

We began with a 3ft drop and Nick felt the difference immediately which then led nicely into me teaching him to style in the air too. We took it to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and he was soon tweaking it there too. Onto cornering and correcting why he was messing up in his right hand berms before once again linking three berms together and flying with style off the fade away jump.

A break followed and we resumed with linking multiple gap jumps on a trail and using the style technique to hip into a berm too!!

Nick was buzzing and as he’d had mountain bike coaching from myself before, he knew it wasn’t over yet.

We moved to the woodwork to work on higher drops and also adding style there too before finally linking a gap jump into a banked wall ride and he was blown away.

Brilliant session dude!



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