I have coached David twice previously and he wanted to return as he felt errors were creeping in and that he wanted to work on larger jumps and drops. Well, I could see in his cornering that he was losing positioning so I began working on linking three berms together and gradually he became faster as his control enhanced. We added a jump after the berms and worked on style in the air too.
 From there we worked on pumping or jumping sections and jumping a 7ft gap, a ladder drop and a 9ft gap on a trail. David was flowing along nicely now and after a break for coffee and grub we upped the ante. We next worked on a higher 5-6ft ladder drop and soon he was loving that and was ready to ramp it up further so a 12ft gap jump was next and after a demonstration by myself, David rode it. After coming up short, he recognised the errors and corrected it for a few clears and even began styling it too. The sessions mental aspect was draining Davids energy but not before he’d ridden an even higher ladder drop. Mistakes now began creeping in and caused him to crash but he knew exactly what he’d done wrong and could feel that he was too tired to continue safely so our session ended.
 Amazing session dude.