Gary, Dave and Daniel pop over from Chelmsford for their session after hearing of my coaching on the forum. On meeting, I put them through my skills check and found they needed work on their footwork, body positioning and looking skills.

We moved onto the drops to apply their new mental and physical skills sets and to their great surprise they all flew into the air straight away! They rode all 3 drops easily and after a while we moved onto the skills trail.
The skills trail has 14 sections contained in it. Pumping, drops, steps, rock gardens, fly out jumps, flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns all require correct feet, body and looking skills to be able to control these. In time they were all riding the entire trail end to end in a fluid and controlled manner but at a greater speed than ever.
I worked on line choice when linking drops in to corners and braking technique too and the smile never left their faces.

None of them thought they’d ever ride the 6ft tabletop at the start of the day but 4 hours into the session and they were flying over it with ease and even the 6ft gap jump side too!

I could see they were beginning to tire so we moved onto the pump and jump trail to work on pumping sections to gain speed to jump a 9ft tabletop. This develops the trail connection further and I was even able to show Gary why the skills applied to manualing over tabletops too!
Our session ended with me giving a demonstration of manualing, pumping, jumping and cornering on the pump and jump trail as the rain began to fall. Great session guys! High5