Gary is a self taught rider and found himself plateauing as a rider even though he rode lots of different places including the Alps. Gary wanted some mountain bike coaching and was recommend that he visited  myself. He wanted to work on jumping, in particular gaps. The skills check showed me the physical errors in his skills set and that left the mental skills.

During the session we started with drops and then jumping a 6ft tabletop and gap jump. I worked on the speed and effort equation that judgement comes from before moving to linking berms together and carrying speed through control of grip.

We worked on jumping 7ft and 9ft gap jumps and then linked them on a trail containing pumping and jumping options as well as berms.

Onto to gaps from ladders that led into a bank ride and jumping from that also.

Linking multiple gap jumps on a line of 5ft-9ft gaps was next and he was loving it but tiring.

We finished the session after working on manuals through sections and linking thsi all into a line and knowing that he’d become faster rather than feeling fast through effort.

Brilliant session with an awesome bloke.


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