Gary came to me when another client Tim recommended me to him. On meeting I explained the outline for our session and I gave my commitments to him for the session.
We began with the skill check and found a very tidy rider indeed with great stuff hidden among the good things he had learned in his riding history.
We began with bi lateral pumping and moved onto the bunny hop technique before moving straight to cornering on a live trail.
We worked on body positioning and speed management before working our way down the trail linking each section together suing the correct braking areas.
We then moved onto another trail with looser and tighter corners, a larger drop section and a gap jump. I demonstrated as always and then we worked our way down the trail and each section past with effortless ease and flow.
Finally, I moved us to an isolated drop section where we worked on airtime and style in the air.
Our session ended with smiles all round and Gary became the fastest rider yet on the first trail, which came with hard work but a visual and kinetic understanding of what needed to be done.
Great session!