Gen and Greg turned up as arranged and we began with my skills check. I found that they needed to work on footwork, body position and looking. I also made some set up changes to assists this. We began with a drop technique. I worked with style in the air with Greg and the mental skills required with Gen. Gen was surprised at how controlled it felt when it was correct, and they understood why. On to the skills trail and we began by breaking the trail down before linking it all together via line choice and control areas when they were riding the trail while they were linking the fourteen sections within it together faster and with more control than ever. We moved on to another trail to work on generating speed through undulations on the trail and we worked on pumping, absorbing, jumping and manuals. each run was more fluid and connected than the previous and then linked two burms together at the end on the trail. Our session ended as they became mentally and physically tired. We parted with handshakes and smiles.