Geoff had a bad experience with drops when coached a while back by another company and his confidence had suffered. He told me of his worries and aspirations and I set about building his physical and mental skills. I found that he had a common missing skill but more importantly, he had a natural push that he was totally unaware of because it was buried beneath some bad habits.
Once corrected, I brought him straight to the drops to show him how and why we apply the push to the drop technique. Very soon, Geoff was landing perfectly and confidence grew but I felt his doubt about moving onto the larger ones so we moved onto the coaching trail.
Here we worked on the 14 sections contained in the trail and broke them down and applied the skills set to flat, bermed and switchbacked corners, steps, rocks, up ramps and drops. We worked on linking each section by their correct braking zones and we explored line choice.
By timing segments of the trail, Geoff could see the benefit of the skills application in each section as he took time off each run.
After a few complete runs of the trail, We moved back to the drop sections and Geoff choose the larger one from before and repeatedly landed both wheels together sweetly.
We ended our session working on carrying speed into and out of corners and removing any mid corner braking.

We covered loads of ground during our session and I look forward to being part of Geoff’s development and growth as a rider.