Geof contacted me for coaching as he was tired of always struggling down singletrack and although he has good fitness, he lacked the techniques required to ride the singletrack.
I first began by seeing what was missing in his physical skill set and I set about working on these before moving onto the drop technique. Once I had shown Geof that he already had the correct technique for drops he began using it and landing perfectly. Next, we moved onto the trail and worked on pumping, rock gardens, steps, drop offs and cornering.
By splitting the trail into segments, it enabled me to focus on the sections contained within them and really work the skills into Geof.
Geof’s timing for pumping was worked on and the following corners too, where footwork and looking were really worked and Geof began to really feel the difference in both his speed and control.
The rock garden was initially a fear factor for him but in a short time that was over come. Rolling down steep drop offs is a very common fear and Geof was no different. I worked with him on his looking and body position and began with a simple short one before moving onto larger ones with a step at the entrance too!
I worked on linked sections where there is little or no braking area too.
We rode the whole trail several times and each one was smoother than the last. We ended the session as I began to see signs of mental tiredness and Geof was still smiling and I could see that confidence had been installed.
Great session!