Stu and Gethin came to me 2 years ago and with an impending Canada trip looming they wanted to return for a session. The session consisted of working on their body positioning and applying their mental skills to sections out on the trails. We started with drops and I even got Gethin to begin to style it in the air which later applied to moving the bike in the air to land on the trail. We worked on linking 2 berms together and carrying speed through both rather than panic braking.
 We then linked drops into corners and they really got to grips with it as their line choice and braking improved. We moved to steeper terrain and a new trail, to work on linking near vertical drop offs, jumps, pumping and corners and controlling speed through out the trail.
 Onto jumping and I used a 6ft tabletop and gap jump as we used 2 years ago and again they both jumped both sides of the jump, with Gethin styling it too!
We then moved to a 15ft tabletop and work on judging speed and distance before linking the whole trail together and choosing when to jump or pump sections on the trail. I could see them beginning to tire but our session didn’t end before Gethin rode the 7ft ladder gap jump that came after the 2 berms we worked on at the start of our session. Have a great time in whistler guys.