We started the session with the skills checks where i learned that i needed to work on Steve’s looking, footwork and body positioning in his corners, and i also discovered that he unweighted the bike naturally, i just needed to work on looking. I talked him through the process and he quickly understood what was needed, and was soon performing these skills correctly, and after a slight set up change, we moved on. I took him to the skills trail, after giving him another quick cornering excersie where he could feel how having a correct body position can give you grip. I then showed him the first half of the trail, where he was linking bermed and flat corners, and rock gardens. I then showed him the drop technique, where he applied his mental skillset, and was soon feeling air beneath his wheels for the first time. I then showed him another section on the trail, involving a fly out and a step, and was soon linking them all together. After a quick lunch break, i showed him the end of the trail and then we moved onto a pumping and jumping trail. Our session ended here due to tiredness, after i taught him how to pump, and how this can give you extra speed, and how he can use this to start getting his wheels in the air.

Great session Steve!