Mike arrived just before ten, and we started with the skills checks, where i found i needed to work mainly on body positioning, and a little bit on looking. I also made and explained the importance of having the correct set up on your bike, before moving onto drops. Here i explained the mental side of riding, and he was soon riding off the largest drop, landing comfortably. The biggest drop he had ever ridden too! I worked on his body position in corners using a quick exercise, before moving onto the trail. Here we worked down section by section, linking turns with rock gardens, jumping out of fly outs, absorbing steps, and drops. He was quickly riding the trail top to bottom, improving each run, and commenting on how much better it felt. We moved onto the tabletop, where we applied the same skills we used on the drop technique, to soon be landing on the other side of a 6ft tabletop, and the gap jump next to it. I showed him some steeper stuff, where he used his mental skills to overcome any hesitations, and rode both that i showed him well. We then linked this with another trail, involving steeper corners and jumps, which ended our session due to physical and mental tiredness. 
Nice one Mike!
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)