Chivas, Matty and Andre came to me wanting to begin to get air time on jumps and drops.

The skills check revealed that we had some work to do in corners too but after a few set up changes and correcting the missing skills we moved straight to the drops.

Here the guys used their new skill sets to great effect and began landing perfectly from the off. I worked hard on body position and looking here and was able to get Chivas styling it too.

They rode all 3 drops easily and all commented on how easy it feels.

We then moved onto the trail and worked on pumping, flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners. Steps, fly out jumps, rock gardens and drops. I worked on using the energy present in the trail and where the correct braking areas are. We worked our way down the trail, linking the 14 sections within it together one by one.

I worked hard on linking sections together smoothly and with their new skills they began riding faster and way smoother than before.

Finally, it was time to show them why their new skill set applied to jumping tabletops. In no time at all they all sailed over the 6ft tabletop easily and rode it loads of times too.

Then Andre, followed by Matty then Chivas all sailed over the gap jump side too, using their mental skills set to great effect.

An amazing end to a great session as they all said no way to the tabletop when they saw it at the end.

High 5 guys!