Damian has ridden for years but a crash 3 years ago really affected his confidence and he had never got in the air on a jump or drop since.
I could see his set up needed tweaking and found the missing and also the present skills. I found that Damian lacked confidence and commitment in his riding, so I set about changing that.
The set up change really made a difference to him and after 2 rides of the larger drop I began getting him to style it too!
I then worked on linking drops into corners and developed his body position, footwork and looking skills so he could easily manage his own speed.
Damian was amazed how easy it all felt. We moved onto the tabletop and 6ft gap jump and once again, brimming with confidence he rode both and even styled it too.

we had a short break and then looked at a 9ft gap jump that linked into a berm. Damian wanted to follow me for a speed check, then sailed over it with a massive grin on his face.
He rode that so well that I was able to work on him carrying speed through the preceding berm too.

I then moved us onto the woodwork to work on his peripheral fears and control of his bike on a low ladder before we moved to a high one and once again he rode it and railed the wooden berm that followed it.

After a few runs to cement it, we looked at a step up and step down. Damian rode it a couple of times and then added it to the drop and wooden berm to form a line.

The adrenalin from the session really took its toll as even after another break, Damian called an end to the session mentally drained and extremely happy.
Welcome back to the air corp Damian!