James turned up as arranged and Once we’d had a chat about his aspirations for the session I set to work and ran him through my skills check. The check revealed missing looking and body positioning skills but uncovered an unconscious technique he never knew he had. I changed his set up during this time and showed him why most importantly and James felt the effects straight away.

James wasted no time at all in landing perfectly and went on to ride all 3 drops with ease . Air under his wheels was his biggest fear and an hour into the session he was flying!
We moved onto the skills trail and its fourteen sections and I broke the trail into segments and we focused on each before linking them together.

We began with pumping and using the trails energy. We then used this energy to link into the following bermed and then flat corners. Next up, we added a rock garden, a berm and a switchback. James’s looking and body position began to move from a conscious reaction into an unconscious action quickly.

I used a fly out to show why the skill set, both mentally and physically applied to jumping and also how to link drops into corners before eventually riding the entire trail. each run of the trail was way more fluid than the previous as he linked all 14 sections together using the identified braking areas.
I also showed James why the skill set applied to riding over fallen trees and how that same technique can be applied elsewhere in different contexts.

James had never jumped a tabletop before and that was soon to change as after a couple of runs he sailed over the 6ft tabletop time and time again with a massive grin on his face.
After a while the session came to a close and I gave him a tour of the woodwork and we chatted over a coffee to warm ourselves.
Great session to end the coaching week with!