Tom, Phil and Chris came to me wishing to learn to be comfortable in the air on jumps and drops. The skills check showed me what was missing in their skill set and also what was present but bogged down by bad habits. I made some set up changes and the change was dramatic.
The first technique I covered was the drop technique and using 3 graduated drops I demonstrated why the skills applied and the lads followed suit. I worked on their body positioning and looking skills, this enabled me later on to begin to teach them to make it look stylish in the air too!
I didn’t want to use the whole skills trail for this session so I used the top 3 sections consisting of pump bumps, a berm and a flat corner. I showed them the basic pumping technique and they used the free speed gained to rail the 2 corners using their enhanced body position and looking skills.
I then Taught them the application of the dis connected bunny hop and also the bunny hop to ride over logs and they got to grips with that straight away with Tom bunny hopping cleanly and effortlessly over 2 ft. I then showed why the same techniques can be applied in pumping too.

Next up it was the basics of jumping using a fly out jump and soon they were linking this with more corners and even a drop.

I worked hard on line choice and the application of their 4 psychological questions I give riders when linking drops into corners and they could feel the speed come naturally and it felt un hurried.

Finally, it was time to move to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump. None of them had jumped gaps before and none had been able to jump tabletops with any regularity, but in a very short time they were all sailing over the tabletop easily.

Tom and Phil then applied their mental skills to ride their 1st ever gap jump and did it so easily.

Chris was at a corporate coaching day the day before and I could see he and others were beginning to tire mentally so I ended the session with a riding demonstration by myself and they could see the exact same skills in use in my own riding on the woodwork and dirt of Herts.
Amazing day of progression guys!