Jim came to me for coaching after being recommended by one of his riding friends. On meeting i gave Jim my commitment for the day and went onto the skills check where I discovered his missing skills but also that he naturally had the push to unweight but had things covering it up that he’d picked up over his years of riding. From there I went staright to the drop technique and here I worked on his push to form this technique and soon had him landing perfectly. From there we moved onto the coaching trail and it’s 14 sections contained within it. I broke the trail into 4 segments and worked on each segment before adding it to the previous one. We worked on cornering in many forms, upslopes, rock gardens, step downs, drops and over lapping sections. Using the skill set, each technique was performed faster and with greater control and the flow began to show. I worked on Jim’s mental skill set too and how to apply it. After a few complete runs of the trail I finally moved onto a berm where we worked on carrying speed through it and worked on removing the comfort braking from his cornering. We ended our session with smiles all round and I know Jim has improved greatly through out the day.